The e-market for rural products

The ultimate aim of a producer is to sell his products. And it’s all about how he markets it. Marketing products becomes a prior concern when the competitors are powerful. It’s not limited to the corporate business but marketing has a lot to deal with rural products and its business. And it’s a question on how could one market his/her rural products in this present world. In this globalized world the producer has to relay on the technologies to ensure the reach of his products in a wider range.

Let’s have a glance on the route of a rural product to the market. Imagine a housewife making delicious homemade food products. She doesn’t have enough sophistication to gather required certifications neither she can deal with the conventional marketing strategies. She makes products with available resources; sell it to neighbours, relatives and to some local shops. She might be selling them through some local fairs too. Various traders source these products to urban markets from here.

Sometimes her products may turn a hot attraction in the major retail stores in cities. Thanks to the middle men who knows the art of marketing. He knows how and where to place the products. Let’s open a direct link to the rural market from where the customer can collect the quality products with no interferences of distributors. This beta version of website will guide to learn the basics of e-marketing the rural products. is a platform for the rural, village, Khadi and small scale producers to showcase their products on a global market. At present the rural products are marketed to outside customers through mediators or other conventional systems like exhibitions, fairs, festival sales etc. This indeed reduces the profit of producers and at the same time they fail to sell their products directly to the global customers. As rural product development directly help rural economy and support rural sustainability, the products should directly reach a wider market to earn maximum profits. is an e-commerce portal that helps the rural producers to exhibit their products in a global market and to sell them without any mediators or difficulties. The website will list the products manufactured by rural artisans, village co-operatives, rural small scale industries, self-help groups and any such institutions. The customers from all part of the world can visit this e-market, learn about the products and their cost, compare with the on shop rates and buy directly from the rural producers.
The mission and vision of us is to avoid the mediators from rural product marketing cycle and ensure maximum profit to the rural producers by being World’s first dedicated e-commerce portal for rural products. We promote eco andenvironment friendly products. Additional and better income for rural producers will help to develop the rural economy and hence will result in a cultural development as a whole effect. is an e-market for the rural products aimed to ensure the maximum benefit for the rural producers. The website is promoted by Rural Development Initiative (RDI), an agency under GramaVIkasanaSevaSamithi an NGO registered as a society under the law engaged in a social development programmes through various projects.
Theorganization was initiated in 1994 by a group of enthusiastic youngsters with philanthropic interests. With roots in Kurichithanam, a small hamlet in central Kerala, GramaVIkasanaSevaSamithi has transformed into an affiliated social enterprise through basic charity services. Today GVSS is proud to be associated with various Governmental and non-Governmental institutions across the country. is a programme to supplement the Entrepreneurial Development Schemes promoted by the Government of India through ‘Rajiv Gandhi UdayamiMitra’. The motto behind the programme is to develop able entrepreneurs by supporting them to take initiative in successful ventures.


The association with various partners in the country has helped the organization to attain a positive growth in a rapid pace. The support from our partners is beyond measure. The goodness of this firm is an evidence for their kindness.



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